Awake My Soul.

Nov 10

Taste and see…

I found so much rest in last night’s message. To step back from life’s business, worries, anxieties- and just marvel at the splendidly diverse creation right before our eyes.

"and you should be that, present."


Nov 7
Sunday night sunset. //sabbath

Sunday night sunset. //sabbath

Oct 4

I’m back!

Well not sure, lets see how long i can keep it up this time! To be honest, I’ve definitely missed writing to the cyberspace world. I try to write in my diary but ever since my brother found my most precious musings of year 5 and 6, i have never trusted the secrecy of an accessible journal. I looked over my posts from year 12 and could not stop laughing. I thought my life was so hard and that i was the only one struggling with my faith, my outlook and worldview. It’s been 2 years since i have graduated and so, so much has changed. I’ve learnt to love the hardest of people and received love from the most selfless of people. I’ve experienced true community and fellowship and seen so much more hurt, but witnessed so much more joy. The next 4 months will see some big decisions to make and to bottle up the workings of my mind will be an inevitable catastrophe. So Tumblr, i turn to you as the avenue to release my ramblings! I’ve also decided to limit the amount of reblogging i do. Not because i dont like the pictures, trust me, i love them alot! But that is the problem, they are only a select view or perspective of things we enjoy, vicariously living through that gorgeous pinup girl with the sweet leather oxfords, or that lush bearded man with quirky tats plastered over his arms. Ive loved wasting hours, scrolling through my feed of amazing pictures, but i I think its time to take my own snaps, to document the bad, the good, the sad and happy times of life. So, introduction aside, let the writing begin…again! 

Jun 18

Jun 17

Mar 13

Tonight was a perfect end to a long day. The Lizzie McGuire movie was watched, Milo was consumed and company was shared with my fave, A. Peletier.
The sweet life.

Mar 8
“Weakness is not a hindrance to the Christian life. Weakness is the catalyst to the Christian life. The devil comes in that moment in the life of a believer and says, ‘Go to the penalty box, you hypocrite. I mean, you repented supposedly yesterday and now you’ve done it again today. Go away; the Lord doesn’t want to hear from you. Get things right first, then go back to Him.’ That is a damnable lie, straight from the pit of hell. It is in the midst of that repetitive sin that you are to run to Him. Sin ought to cause you to run to Christ, not run away from Him. Everything ought to cause you to run to Christ in this life, to cling that much harder to Him.” Paul Washer   (via stephaniesearches)

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Feb 24


Candles by Daughter.

A favorite these past few weeks.


Jan 4
“I am more interested in your fruit than I am your theology. If your knowledge doesn’t better equip you to love, it’s worthless.” Mattie Montgomery   (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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